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Jody Rein Books, Inc. is a full-service literary agency. Its client list is small and select, yet, as they say, carries a big stick. Many JRB clients’ books have been sold to major publishers for large advances, several have become bestsellers on both front and backlists, and many clients are happily earning additional royalties. JRB clients’ books are published around the world, in both print and e-format. JRB client books have also been made into television docu-dramas, television situation comedies, major motion pictures, and even a reality TV show.

JRB has also had considerable success in selling self-published books to major houses.

JRB clients primarily write narrative and commercial nonfiction, although JRB occasionally represents the rare and wonderful novel. JRB also independently publishes, through Author Planet Press, JRB client books on which rights have reverted, and a few other worthy JRB client books.  

JRB represents clients who bring with them a high degree of professionalism and a commitment to excellence, and JRB’s professional goal is to act in kind.

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Jody Rein

Jody Rein owns and runs JRB.

Jody began her publishing career as an editorial assistant for Contemporary Books in Chicago. She was promoted through the ranks there, and was transferred to Contemporary’s New York office as senior editor. Jody moved to Dell/Delacorte (soon Bantam/Doubleday/Dell) Publishing Company (now part of Random/Penguin) as editor, and was quickly promoted to senior editor, and then executive editor. She remained with BDD for several years, then joined Morrow/Avon (now part of HarperCollins) as executive editor. Jody stayed with Avon as editor-at-large and consultant after she moved to Colorado, but eventually left the company to start up her literary agency.

Jody is a skilled writer herself; her ghostwritten book published by Viking Penguin received a starred review in Library Journal and an enthusiastic recommendation from the late Ann Landers.

Jody was awarded an Editorial Fellowship to the Jerusalem Book Fair. She has been a popular speaker at writers’ and speakers’ conferences nationwide, a guest lecturer at the University of Denver for seven years, and the agent/expert at the University of Denver’s Publishing Institute three times. She is a former member of Women in Publishing and a current member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives and The Authors Guild. She is listed and recommended in several prominent books on literary agents, and her work has been featured in many local and national publications.

Haley Stroup

Haley Stroup

Haley Stroup is a literary associate and social media guru for JRB. She works closely with JRB’s clients as well as Jody’s consulting clients through Author Planet. Haley also serves as office manager, tracking and following up with contracts, reviewing queries, and handling day-to-day office issues.

Judy Klein of KleinWorks

Judy Klein of KleinWorks

JRB film and foreign rights are handled by a variety of sub-agents worldwide. Foreign rights are primarily represented by Judy Klein of Kleinworks.

JRB has sold a number of projects in alliance with Gray Tan, of the Grayhawk Literary Agency, Howie Sanders of UTA (United Talent Agency) and Rich Green (now of Revolution).